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Articles about Dev

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Articles about Dev

Riya and Raima need to find rich husbands: Moon Moon Sen

September 11, 2013 Ruman Ganguly , TNN

Moommoon Sen is set to make a comeback after ages. Raima Sen is on a high after delivering back to back hits. And Riya Sen is teaming up with Mainak Bhaumick next to scorch the Bengali big screen. Turns out the Sensational threesome have a lot going on at the moment. So we decided to meet the three beautiful Sens mom Moon Moon and daughters Raima and Riya cheap nfl jerseys for a lazy afternoon wholesale nfl jerseys chat at their residence. Excerpts: CT: We've heard that you've started shopping for.

Dev Articles By DateRahul Dev is suffering from dengue and hospitalised

January 4, 2014 Tanvi Trivedi , TNN

Actor Rahul Dev who has done many negative roles in B Town was recently hospitalised due to bad health problems. He was shooting for the maha episode of Devon Ke Dev Mahadev when he had almost completed all shooting and some parts were left when he suddenly fell ill. READ: ?Rahul cheap nfl jerseys Dev approached for 'Devon Ke Dev. Mahadev' When we contacted the actor, he picked up the phone but was barely able to speak. He said, "The investigations and reports are awaited but.

Who is the new girl in Dev's life?

September 7, 2013 TNN

According to the buzz, Tollywood heartthrob Dev has found love in Rukmini Maitra After his 4 year long relationship with Subhashree went kaput, Dev, it seems still hasn't found true love in cheap jerseys anybody else. The Tollywood superstar has been seen going from one girl to another in the last year. His latest squeeze, we hear, is a city based popular model Rukmini Maitra. After Subhashree, Dev dated Puja and then Sayantika for short periods. He's an actor, thespian, poet and sometime activist, but those are not the personae that would appeal to our readers. For Bengali movie buffs, Gerard Rudolf is Diego Alvarez, friend and mentor to Shankar, played by Dev, in Kamaleswar Mukherjee's ambitious adaptation of the novel, Chander Pahar . He talks to CT about his character in the soap and how similar it is to his real self It's just a month since Bojhe Na wholesale jerseys Shey Bojhe Na went on air, and it has already become a TRP grosser. I have to thank the entire team.

No, she's not hurt. And neither is she moping around. Dev may not have stood by her, but Subhashree has always been a fighter. On the sidelines of an exclusive photo shoot for TOI, she opens up about industry equations, catfights and why she can't be sitting at home counting stars. Excerpts: So, how is life treating you these days? Life is treating me well, by God's grace. Suddenly, I feel I have matured.

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cast and crew prepare for NBC's live

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cast and crew prepare for NBC's live telecast of The Sound of Music with gallery

This image released by NBC shows Carrie Underwood as Maria, left, and Stephen Moyer as Captain Von Trapp during a rehearsal for The Sound of Music Live!, in New York. The live production airs on Dec. von Trapp, played by jeans and sweater sporting Stephen Moyer.

During this preliminary run through a few weeks ago, much work clearly remained to get "The Sound Cheap Jerseys From China of Music Live!" ready for airtime on Dec. EST), when it, along with everyone involved, will make history: More than a half century has passed since a broadcast network has dared to mount a full scale musical for live TV.

It would have been risky enough revisiting this Rodgers and Hammerstein classic on any terms. But this is no remake of the not to be tampered with Julie Andrews juggernaut, declares Neil Meron. Meron and longtime partner Craig Zadan are the telecast's Oscar winning executive producers.

Instead, "The Sound of Music Live!" is the 1959 Broadway musical reimagined for TV, then given extra crackle with a live presentation.

Meron's message: Everybody knows "The Sound of Music," or thinks they do from the 1965 film nearly everyone has seen. But relatively few fans are acquainted with the stage original. Drawing from it, "The Sound of Music Live!" is meant to feel familiar, yet at the same time come across as new and different.

Consider: Moyer with castmates Laura Benanti (as Baroness Elsa Schrader) and Christian Borle (as Max Detweiler) are rehearsing a couple of weeks later a saucy song titled "How Can Love Survive?" This song will be brand new to most viewers of the telecast it was dropped from the movie.

"Plenty of nothing you haven't got. How can love survive?" Max tunefully teases the wealthy Elsa, who, in her posh relationship with her fiance, Capt. von Trapp, can never count theirs among "all the famous love affairs (where) lovers starve and snuggle."

This number, sung to an instrumental track recorded by a 40 piece orchestra, takes place on the sumptuous von Trapp terrace, complete with a fountain and a panoramic view of the Alps.

Grumman Studios' Stage 3, with square footage rivaling a football field's, NFL Jerseys Wholesale is now home to the terrace, along with five neighbouring sets evoking pre World War II Austria including the abbey, a festival site draped with huge swastikas and the summit over which (spoiler alert) Maria, the Captain and his seven children pass to flee the Nazis at the musical's conclusion.

It is for this soaring finish that Audra McDonald reprises "Climb Ev'ry Mountain," the breathtaking anthem that Mother Abbess introduces as she sends Maria into the world and into the von Trapp household.

"In that scene, Mother Abbess is giving Maria tough love, kicking her out of the abbey," says McDonald. "But Carrie is so moving and so sweet, my challenge is to not cry when I sing it."

When she sings it, McDonald is fully capable of bringing to tears everyone within earshot. She is a classically trained soprano, a Tony and Grammy winning singer and stage actress who, for good measure, appeared for four seasons on ABC's "Private Practice."

Though best known as a vampire on HBO's "True Blood," Stephen Moyer, too, is a theatre veteran. Last summer he returned to what he calls his first love, the musical stage, after 18 years' absence for a production of "Chicago" at the Hollywood Bowl. Then he reported for work on "The Sound of Music Live!"

Christian Borle, known to viewers from NBC's musical drama "Smash," boasts Broadway credits including "Legally Blonde: The Musical" and "Monty Python's Spamalot," and won a Tony for the comedy "Peter and the Starcatcher."

Laura Benanti, who starred last season on NBC's Matthew Perry comedy "Go On," has appeared in the Broadway musicals "Into the Woods" and "Nine," and scored a Tony for her role as Gypsy Rose Lee in the 2008 Broadway revival of "Gypsy."

And then there's Carrie Underwood. Despite her status as a multiplatinum country music superstar who rose to fame as the winner of "American Idol" in 2005, at first glance she might seem something of a wild card in the "Sound of Music" cast: She has never had a major acting role before.

"Carrie is one of the bravest artists we've ever worked with," says Meron, who notes that she arrived two weeks before the production's six week rehearsal began with her lines fully memorized, to get a head start.

"Every day," she says during a break, "I feel like I discover new things and how to go places in acting that I didn't think I could go."

Even if she's a drama neophyte as she faces her "Sound of Music" trial by fire, Underwood, by one measure, is the cast's old hand: No one knows live TV, and its pressures, like she does.

"But this time, Cheap Jerseys there's no chance of me being voted out," she laughs. "I'm here to stay."

As she speaks, it's a scant 16 days until the broadcast. By week's end, cameras (as many as a dozen) and tons of other broadcast equipment would be brought in. In the parking lot, TV trucks would join the wholesale nfl jerseys city of dressing room trailers.

During Thanksgiving week, the ensemble is rehearsing in full costume.

Already, the cast has recorded a "Sound of Music Live!" album, due for release Dec. 3. A home video edition of the broadcast goes on sale Dec. 17.

If graced with good ratings, this won't be the last such musical event staged live for TV, says Meron.

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The Truth About Celiac Disease and Gluten

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The Truth About Celiac Disease and Gluten

It seems like every grocery store has a shelf (or several) of gluten free products these days. It turns out roughly three million Americans suffer from Celiac disease, a disorder which makes it difficult to digest glutena protein component found in certain grains.

To learn more about the symptoms and consequences of celiac disease I spoke to Dr. Peter Green of Columbia University, a leading expert.

According to Dr. Green, the symptoms vary, but the most common ones include IBS, gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea.

As those can be symptoms of lots of digestive problems, many people in the United States don't get properly diagnosed. In fact, 90% of those affected by Celiac disease don't even know they have it.

Celiac disease can easily be identified through a simple blood test, but the bad news is that there aren't any drugs to treat it. And that brings us back to those supermarket shelves, as a gluten free diet is really the only remedy available.

But some people are turning to gluten free products as a weight loss method, and Dr. Green says that isn't always the healthiest way to go. Those products tends to be low in fiber and higher in fat. Individuals who have celiac disease are advised to eat meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables to ensure they are getting the proper daily nutrients.

As always, talk to your doctor if you think you might have a gluten allergy, and here's to your health!

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Do the Math: Danica McKellar Is Awesome Thu, Dec 19, 2013

America's sweetheart Danica McKellar is not just a television icon from her work on "The Wonder Years," she's also a gifted mathematician. Danica starred on "The Wonder Years" from 1988 to 1993 as Winnie Cooper. Since then, she's starred in a slew of movies and TV shows, and even music videos, but it's her passion [. He sat down with Katie to discuss his struggles, and how things have a way of turning around. Kyle grew up in Pittsburgh, but got his start in dance pretty late. "The funny thing [.]

Emma Thompson Talks Perms, Marriage and dancing with Prince Charles Mon, Dec 16, 2013

Emma Thompson joined Katie to talk about her new movie "Saving Mr. Banks"among other things. "Congratulations on your Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe nominations!" Katie said. Candice Bergen played an investigative journalist and news anchor for FYI, a fictional television program, but it was her supporting cast that made the show so great. "Is it Brandon Saad Authentic Jersey fun for you [.]

Jack Osbourne Discusses MS Mon, Dec 9, 2013

Jack Osbourne sat with Katie to discuss "Dancing with the Stars" and his new documentary titled "You Don't Know Jack About Jiri Hudler Flames Jersey MS" which chronicles his battle with the disease. However, MS did not stop him from getting third place with his partner Cheryl Burke. "I foolishly chose to drink and drive one night at a party that was two blocks from my house and I

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Predicting 2013 NFL Standings

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Predicting 2013 NFL Standings

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) warms up before an NFL preseason football game against the Houston Texans, Thursday, Aug. 29, 2013, in Arlington, Texas.

Predictions are important. They display understanding of a subject matter; it's really easy to go back and explain a past event, but it's another thing completely to accurately predict a future one. That's why I try to be as transparent as possible with all of mine (here's a review of my 2012 predictions). When I propose my final 2013 standings, I do so with a lot of care, knowing I'm going to return to analyze this article next year, good or bad.

So what am I examining when I project teams? I look at a few different stats, but all of them are meant to determine how much of a team's 2012 success was due to luck, and how much was the result of skill (and thus repeatable). The Indianapolis Colts, for example, were 11 5 despite a 30 point differential. That's pretty strong evidence that they'll regress in 2013.

I also like to look at expected points for and against. I already did that here at Dallas News in my article One Image That Can Help Predict the 2013 Season. You can take a look at that post for more details, but here's that image:

In analyzing expected points, we can see how many points teams should have scored and allowed given how well they played. That helps us better identify overachieving teams (like the Colts) or underachieving teams (like the Panthers).

When it comes to the Cowboys, the team really has two strong predictive factors in their favor heading into 2013: injuries and takeaways. The Cowboys managed an 8 8 record despite historically poor luck with injuries and just 16 total takeaways. it's highly improbable that Dallas will again have so many injuries and so few takeaways, even if they play exactly Brent Seabrook Womens Jersey the same.

It's kind of like rolling a die and getting "2," then betting on if the next roll will be higher or lower; even though the first roll doesn't influence the second, it's still very unlikely to be a lower number. It's the same general idea with the Cowboys.

We hear the same line every year: six teams from last year's playoffs will be miss the postseason this year. Guess what? That information is useless and, if you're using it to make predictions, it's also dangerous. I wrote about this idea a couple years ago:

While it is a virtual certainty that some (and often times, many) different teams will make the playoffs in a given season, I disagree with the notion that it is rational to displace a talented team with a mediocre one in one's playoff predictions simply to accommodate the "six new teams will make the playoffs" trend.

The reasoning is simple. For the sake of argument, let's suppose that all of the playoff teams from last season have a 50 percent chance of making the playoffs again this year, while the non playoff teams have a 30 percent chance of making it.

While we can be fairly certain the group of playoff teams will contain some newcomers, we don't knowwhichnewcomers it will be, and we don't knowwhich teams they'll replace. To predict that a team with a 30 percent chance of making the playoffs will do so at the expense of a team with a 50 percent chance is simply bad math.

The idea is that even though we pretty much know the playoff teams will be different from last season, it's foolish to predict teams to make the playoffs just because they didn't make it last year. It's the same idea as everyone picking a 12 seed over a 5 seed in the NCAA tournament; although it's likely that at least one 5 seed will Patrick Sharp Youth Jersey go down, we're still justified in choosing each of them to win, assuming they're all the favorites, because we don't know which 12 seed will win.

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NFL Football Players From Aliquippa PA

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NFL Football Players From Aliquippa PA

This article will is about Aliquippa PA, and the many famous NFL football players that come from there.

Aliquippa is a small city located 29 miles from downtown Pittsburgh Pa. Once upon a time Aliquippa, known as Quip to the locals, was a thriving community until the early 1980s when the steel mills started moving away. With the closing of the mills, people found multiple generations of their families out of work; up until then grandfathers, fathers, and sons worked side by side in these mills. With no other jobs to be found most people moved away from the area to find work elsewhere causing the city's population to drop drastically. Those who stayed found themselves struggling just to feed their families.

The Aliquippa of today is very different from the Aliquippa my grandparents knew and loved. Everything is closed downtown, and the buildings are falling apart. Homes are in disrepair. The schools are severely behind academically, and there are no jobs. The city oozes with the sense of hopelessness. Children here do not have many chances; they are more likely to end up on welfare, in jail, or dead than they are to achieve any real success in a career. For this reason, the young aspire to become drug dealers or pro athletes, and perhaps Aliquippa is the only place in the world that the odds look good in both cases.

Aliquippa And The NFLHow is it possible that a poverty stricken city keeps producing quality NFL players? According to Mark Yaros (31), a native of Quip, that answer is simple, "Aliquippa has heart". During Yaros' high school career in Aliquippa he played basketball, football, and ran track. "Kids in Aliquippa aren't playing football just for fun. They are playing for their lives, for a way out. Quip is a tough place to grow up; you learn early on to stand your ground and to protect what is yours, or it will be taken away from you. These kids don't have a lot, most have nothing to look forward to but football, so they put all of their pride into that game, and they'll be damned if they let you take their pride from them. Quip doesn't play to win; they play to demolish your entire team. The whole community takes football seriously, the coaches, the players, and the parents. If you don't show up for practice the coach will show up at your mother's house looking for you," states Yaros who experienced exactly that. Yaros was playing other sports and grew tired of adding football practice on to that, so he simply stopped going, he wanted to quit the team. His coach showed up at his mother's house pleading with her to talk her son into coming back. "That's just the way it is here; the coaches become like family. They really want you to succeed and will go out of their way to help you out. It's serious, I've seen 18 year old grown men cry after they lost a game, and I dare you to laugh. These are some of the hardest men you wouldn't want to meet, and they are crying about a football game."

When I ask Yaros to explain a typical Aliquippa football practice to me, he says one word, "Running." "The Patrick Kane Jersey coaches Marian Hossa Authentic Jersey told us if we can outrun our opponent, then we got it; we're good. If you can't catch but you can run fast as hell, you're getting on the team. Everything else can be taught, but if you got speed on you, well that's something that you are or aren't it can be taught to you."

On game nights, the stadiums are packed, and you have to agree with Yaros; these kids play with a 'you're not taking this away from me' type of attitude. From start to finish they are giving it their all and then some. It seems the whole community comes out to support their team and perhaps the only place in Aliquippa where you don't see the violence the city is famous for is here in these stadiums during the games.

Aliquippa is a very tough town to grow up in but the people here are tougher. The only question left is, who will be the next NFL star from Aliquippa, Pa?

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Finds Former THP Officer Cesar Maldonado

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Jury Finds Former THP Officer Cesar Maldonado Guilty

SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. A jury found former THP officer Cesar Maldonado guilty of delivering drugs to an informant posing as a prostitute. The criminal trial for Cesar Maldonado started Tuesday in Springfield. He is charged with delivery of drugs and official misconduct.The TBI had some compelling secret surveillance video from a Springfield motel as evidence. Everything hinged on how a jury interpreted that evidence, and clearly it turns out that video was enough for prosecutors to get a conviction.Jurors were shown the video Wednesday and heard from the female confidential informant who met Maldonado in the room for the drug deal. In the video you can see Maldonado pull a bottle of prescription painkillers from his Jonathan Toews Jersey pocket and hand them to the woman.Nick Leonardo, NewsChannel 5 legal analyst, says the video of that moment, plus the fact Maldonado was in uniform may have been too much for the defense to overcome."It shows the corpus of the crime. It shows the actual crime being committed according to their theory," said Leonardo. "Him wearing the uniform and engaging in these types of activities doesn look good."Maldonado has said he was unfairly set up.The jury deliberated just over an hour before returning the guilty verdict.Florida State took home the BCS Championship title Monday night. Jameis Winston threw a 2 yard touchdown pass to Kelvin Benjamin with just 13 seconds left in the game to beat Auburn 34 31 at Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, Calif.Family Loses Home To Fire As Temperature Hovers in Single DigitsFamily Loses Home To Fire As Temperature Hovers in Single DigitsUpdated: Monday, January 6 2014 11:50 PM EST2014 01 07 04:50:13 Duncan Keith Womens Jersey GMTA house fire in Donelson Monday night left several people without a home on one of the coldest nights of the year.A house fire in Donelson Monday night left several people without a home on one of the coldest nights of the year.Cab Drivers Give Free Rides To Area SheltersCab Drivers Give Free Rides To Area SheltersUpdated: Monday, January 6 2014 11:17 PM EST2014 01 07 04:17:10 GMTBitter Jonathan Toews Womens Jersey cold temperatures sent most people scrambling for a place to warm up, Monday.Bitter cold temperatures sent most people scrambling for a place to warm Duncan Keith Authentic Jersey up, Monday.Dangerously Cold Temperatures Settle Into Mid StateDangerously Cold Temperatures Settle Into Mid StateUpdated: Monday, January 6 2014 10:42 PM EST2014 01 07 03:42:34 GMTNashville will see a second night of single digit temperatures Monday night. The low is expected to reach below zero is some areas of middle Tennessee. A wind chill warning is out for most of mid state.

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